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Robert, Maxton and Jonathan BFF!
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Just a bit of Max, Jonny and Robbie appreciation.

Ah, Robbie Williams - great entertainer, brilliant song-writer, fantastic singer, and, more importantly, chooser of even better friends.

Jonathan Wilkes lived with him (up until his marriage), and sang Me and My Shadow with Robbie at his big swing performance at The Albert Hall. They made eyes at each other, and Jonny (as called by Rob), did a lot of tongue flashing, licking lips....mmmm.....

Max Beesley - actor, percussionist and pianist (if you're Canadian, don't ever say that word.) Is small and adorable, and does lots of "back dancing" with Robbie. He has also been spotted in a kilt.

For those of us who live and breathe in a slashy world where gay men are utterly fantastic, these three and their "special" relationships are simply guh-worthy.

Really, you should hear them talk about their "special" relationships. Max and Robbie admit when Robbie called Max his "special friend" it sounded a bit gay. And Robbie and Jonathan? *ahem*...there is just so much there, I could not begin to go into it!

So since these three are: hot, talented, and totally in love with each other, we figure they need some fangirl-y appreciation, and so me_ndmymonkeys was formed! It will include pictures (what a rare find they are), fanfictions, songs, videos, - EVERYTHING, if it is slashy!

Seriously - you can't watch them in action together and not see the slash.